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New Year, New Sofa – or Reupholster & Repair!

January is a month where we are all left counting the costs of Christmas and the financial (and other!) hangovers that seem to always go hand in hand with the festive season.

Has your sofa or suite seen better days? Did it suffer from an excess of entertainment in your home over Christmas – such as unwanted stains, spills or tears? In other words, is it starting to err more on the shabby side of shabby chic?! A well-made sofa is a life long investment, but any piece of furniture is going to suffer from some inevitable wear and tear over the years – especially if you live in a busy home that also features children, teenagers and pets!

Our team here at Sofa So Good has always taken great pride in hand crafting very durable and stylish – and affordable – unique pieces of furniture. However, we can also help you to salvage a much loved sofa that has become somewhat well worn. Reupholstery is a very tradtional craft and we take pride in being very skilled at the art. And keep in mind that reupholstering an existing sofa will save you money on having to replace it altogether.

We will do our utmost to make your existing suite – which you may have a sentimental attachment to – look like brand new again, without any sacrifice when it comes to either style or comfort. Much of our business comes directly from recommendations from our satifished customers who appreciate the dedicated and personalised service that we offer and the new leases of life that we have given to many much loved sofas over the years.

Would you like to find out more information about our reupholstery services? Please call in to our showrooms in Navan or phone us on 086 818 7689 or 086 811 4086 to make an appointment to meet us. Feel free to bring some photographs of the item of furniture that is in dire need of a makeover and we will be happy to offer you advice about the best course of action.


Floral Chair



The Midcentury Modern Design Trend

The buzz words when it comes to sofa trends these days is Midcentury Design – a singular style that blends arresting shapes, graphic patterns and quirky accents. Here are some ideas about how to make this style your own.

The midcentury modern design style first re-appeared on our radar more than a decade ago, but the hugely popular Mad Men TV series pushed it even further into the limelight. As the name implies, it spanned a period of roughly two and a half decades in the middle of the 20th century – from the mid-1940s to the 1970s. This trend has an uncomplicated and fresh aesthetic with an emphasis on pared-down forms, contemporary patterns, natural materials and a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors that creates a medley of functional comfort and chic style. Midcentury interiors are all about organic style, ease of living and simplicity. Furnishings and floor plans are stripped down to their essential forms, so avoid any excess detailings or superfluous flourishes.

One of the Style Secrets behind this trend is the use of Graphic Patterns. There’s nothing shy about midcentury modern patterns. Bold geometrics, strong and sensuous curves and whimsical motifs will give interiors an instant strong impact. Choose from heavy textured fabrics to give the patterns added weight.

When it comes to colour choices, it is warm and earthy shades that predominate and are central to the midcentury palette. However, it would not do for this look to come across as too shy and a few strokes of some rich and saturated colour will give it both strength and presence.

If Midcentury Design is a trend that you are interested in incorporating in to your home, please call in to our extensive showrooms and let us show you some beautiful pieces of hand-crafted furniture that will perfectly capture the look that you are after. 



Get The Deluxe Look!

The fashion catwalks were awash with velvet this season and it is a trend that is also showing up in sofa fabrics and homewares. It is now time for this luxurious fabric to sashay in to our homes too and to give traditional furnishings a colourful new spin. Customers that are confident about making a bold statement will find that the richness of colour and texture that you can achieve through velvet will enable you to to find something that feels both very unique and personal. Velvet lends a sense of warmth, depth and comfort to any room and its versatility and durability also adds texture – from statement focal pieces such as an armchair or sofa right through to accessories such as cushions or throws. Embrace the Viva La (Velvet) Revolution and get the luxe look and turn your sitting room in to a cosy cocoon this Winter! Other textured fabrics that are in demand at the moment include suede, chenille, brocades, corduroy and brushed denim – in fact, the retro luck is now very trendy. Whatever your tastes and ideas, why not call in to our showrooms in Navan to chat to our team about our wide range of fabrics and sofa styles? Together, we can discuss and design and hand craft your ideal pieces of furniture – and ensure that it becomes the centre piece (and talking point) of your home for many years to come…


Velvet Suite

Top Ten Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa

 At the end of a busy day, nothing beats curling up on a comfy couch. However, buying one of your most used pieces of furniture is a big decision and an investment and therefore careful consideration is necessary. You will spend many years with your sofa, so choose the right one. Here are some useful tips.

  1. Sofas should provide style, comfort and value for money. Other factors to consider include space, use and ease of movement.

  2. Measurements are essential – the amount of space that you have in a room is going to determine what you buy. Measure the room that you intend to use the furniture in and keep in mind what other items (TV stand, table etc.) that you have already got in the room so that you know how much space that you have to play around with.

  3. What kind of use will the furniture get? In this era of Open Plan living, the idea of a ‘good room’ is disappearing. However, if your sofa is going to be used every day (and throw kids and pets in to the equation too perhaps), then it is essential that you look for something that is both durable and easy to clean.

  4. Fabrics – the choice of a fabric for your sofa comes down to both your personal style and also durability and the amount of use. Leather is easy to wipe clean from a spill, for example.

  5. The choice of furniture that you add to your abode does reflect your personal aestethics and there is an unlimited amount of styles and pieces to choose from. The notion that everything has to match is also disappearing – feel free to experment and mix different pieces and fabric and colours within the one room.

  6. Sofas with wide pillow top arms, combinations with extended seats and chaise longues are all becoming increasingly popular choices. People work long hours and want to chill out on their couch in the evenings – so comfort is an important factor.

  7. The most modern couches tend to have chrome feet. However, a lot depends on the flooring in your room and what matches or co-ordinates well.

  8. The filling used in a couch and the type of upholstery will have an effect on the comfort factor – so do feel free to try out different combinations to find what works best for you. 

  9. Choose a reputable company that offers a manufacturer’s guarantee and is also available for repairs or reupholstery in future years if the need arises.

  10. Sofa, so simple? We have given you lots of food for thought. Now get your ideas together and call to our showrooms in Navan and we will help you to create your favorite piece of furniture. We promise to take the ouch out of choosing a great couch.


The Flexibility of Sectionals

The beauty of made-to-order sectional sofas is the myriad of configurations that you can conjure up – and it is this mix of flexibility, style and comfort that makes them the perfect fit for any home. Create your own combination to get exactly what you want and then you can always add on pieces as and when your needs change. Choose from sofas, corner sofas, chaise longues, L-shape sofas and armchairs and then mix and match (or contrast them) to your heart’s content. You will never have a dull moment when you can simply turn pieces around or move them about to achieve a very different look! And with a huge range of fabrics and colours on offer, we will make it very easy for you to get the exact look that you want. In fact, the possiblities are almost endless… All of our pieces of furniture are lovingly crafted in Navan by skilled tradesmen – ensuring that you get the individuality that you have in mind. Contact us now to arrange to call in for a consultation to look around our showrooms and to discuss your dream design. Sofa So Good are here to make it happen!

L-shaped Sofa

What’s Hot and What’s Not this Autumn?

Sofa trends this season show a move towards suites that make a very striking style statement. The days of having matching sofas and armchairs are passé. Individuality is key to this look and designing your own bespoke sofa gives you a huge advantage. Choose rich jewel colurs and textured materials sumptuous suede, plush velvet, luxury leather or a modern twist on traditional tweed. Alternatively, ‘granny floral’ materials are still a Shabby Chic trend. You can make an even more fashion impact by mixing fabrics and colours within the same suite. Alternatively, choose one colour and material for the sofa and then accessories such as cushions in contrasting colours and textures. If your preference is for a sofa in a more neutral colour and material, then you can also jazz up the look with colourful accessories. Have some ideas in mind about your ideal stand out sofa or suite? Call in to our showrooms in Navan and we can help you to create your perfect sofa design. All of our hand crafted Irish-made sofas are of the highest quality and are built to suit your lifestyle – and last a life time.

Grey sofa